What is AsSVG?

AsSVG may best be described as a couple of efforts to enable and thus promote the use of SVG in Open Source GIS software. It started with a function to deliver SVG-notation from PostgreSQL with PostGIS called AsSVG() back in 2005. In spring 2008 v.out.svg was included in GRASS GIS 6.3 and recently I've ported PostGIS's AsSVG() function to Spatialite, an extension that enables spatial data support in SQLite. It is part of the main Spatialite-distribution since version 2.3.1. Besides that I've written a simple ArcGIS geoprocessing script that I will put here as well.

What's online already?

  1. AsSvg() PostGIS function
  2. v.out.svg GRASS module
  3. AsSvg() Spatialite function
  4. AsSvg-ArcGIS Geoprocessing script