v.out.svg GRASS module


I'm glad that since 23rd of April, 2008 v.out.svg is part of the standard distribution (see GRASS GIS 6.3.0 Release notes). The rest of this page is here for historic reasons. Maybe I will add some better documentation for the module in the future ...

What is v.out.svg

v.out.svg is a first attempt to deliver SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) code notation along with attribute data directly from GRASS vector map layers. The resulting SVG Mobile compliant code can be displayed by Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Batik as well as browsers having the Adobe SVG-plugin installed.


Things to be done ...

UTF-8 handling of attribute data (e.g. german umlauts) has not been tested yet and the resulting SVG output has no styling information so far, except of proportional circle-sizes and line-widths according to the overall viewPort. An additional option to define output-styles from GRASS attribute column(s) using XML-entities within attribute data would thus be desireable.