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This is yet another page on the net that will be crawled and indexed by busy search engine robots. If you are a human being and actually read what is written here it's even better. Read on - here's what I'd like to share with you.

Love(ly) things first

It took some time until we met but on a sunny labor-day near the end of the last century she finally was there. Andrea. She is wonderful, a researcher, singer, biker, hiker, traveler and my life partner. She has her own homepage just next to mine on this server. Go there and find out for yourself, but beware she is a wizard ...

Geeks ahead

He's a linux guru, I would like to be that too, he's dedicated to MySQL & PHP, I prefer PostgreSQL & Python, I love Javascript, he's starting to love it too, he's in all kinds of sports, I should be too but I am quite lazy, he's the one who accompanied me in all things "computer" from the first days we set up webservers and started programming all night long. He's Bernd, hosts all of my pages and even made me rock climbing in Nice. Thanks!
Update: ... and we've dared to write a book about HTML5 for Addison-Wesley in german called HTML5 ≻ Leitfaden für Webentwickler ;-)

The music ...

I am a musician and play saxophone. Being part of the coverband Make Up, I started to explore bass, keyboards, guitar and singing as well. I've played Funk, Reggae & Jazz in quite a few projects, carried out my own Bob Mintzer Big Band project, played Zappa and was support act for Gianna Nannini (well, this was a single event and some time ago but I really liked the mass of people in the Bergisel Stadium ;-) I love all songs from the Pat Metheny Group (especially this one) except the zero tolerance for silence stuff.

... what else?

I work and teach at the Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck, was technical lead of the Tirol Atlas and have, together with Lars, written another book about the Alps (well, actually he has written it, and I did all the programming, graphics and maps). Besides that I maintain a free link database for Universities Worldwide and would call myself SVG, HTML5 and Open-source enthusiast. I love to attend SVG-Open conferences and have contributed a few modules to PostGIS, GRASS GIS and Spatialite. You can find out more about that on my AsSVG pages.

Thanks for visiting and greetings from Innsbruck, Klaus